Bride does not want Maid of honor to wear make up , she will look too good

A maid of honor took toRedditto tell the story of how the bride – her best friend -- told her not to wear any makeup the day of the wedding. Here’s what she wrote:

“I am the maid of honor for my best friend of many years’ wedding. I am a makeup artist. I wear makeup every day. I am significantly more attractive with makeup on and, in all honestly, I lack confidence without it. I also have a scar on my face that I hide with makeup, and am very insecure about. In the past, my friend has made MANY comments about my appearance and my makeup to men I’ve been interested in. She says things like, ‘You should see her without makeup,’ or talks about how ‘It can be wiped away.’ In the past, she has apologized for these comments saying she was just jealous I got more male attention than her, but the comments have continued, even recently during her engagement.” 
“She had an important request for me: that I don’t wear any makeup to her wedding,” the woman said. “She says if I wear makeup I will ‘overshadow’ her at her own wedding, and it would be unfair because she wants to feel like the most beautiful person in the room as the bride. I told her that was ridiculous. It’s a wedding, everyone will be wearing makeup and I won’t look good or properly dressed up in the photos if I don’t. She absolutely refuses to compromise, despite not being able to answer why I specifically can’t wear makeup but everyone else can. I don’t think this is fair. She knows I’m not as confident without makeup on and won’t like how I look in the pictures.”

Do you side with the bride or the maid of honor?