Proposal on Two Pontoons on The Water, What Could Go Wrong?

This year we celebrate any good news stories we hear, and this is a "fairy tale" love story that ended with the man falling head over heels in the water. Lessons we learned about doing a marriage proposal on the water:

  1. If possible try to be on the same boat
  2. Wrap the ring in a waterproof floatable baggie
  3. Don't kiss until you know how close your foot is to an accelerator
  4. Go with the flow when kicked accidentally
  5. Always say yes
  6. Wait until 2021 for a "fairy tale" (complicated) proposal

The good news is that they are both fine, the ring is fine, the boats are fine, and love wins. We may be struck down for laughing a little (lot) during this, but it's only because everyone and everything is fine.