Feeling Stressed? Hug a Cow Like This Guy.

2020 has been a stressful year and has inspired many to try out new wellness techniques to keep sane! With all of the social distancing going on this year, our pets have filled a lot of the moments when we wish we were hugging on our loved ones. And now this new trend has taken off too- HUGGING COWS!

Cow hugging has been working as a successful "stress therapy" for people. It's the cow's large size, warm body temperature and slow heartbeat that helps us humans relax. Farms in the Netherlands have started offering cow hugging and now it's spread to the United States.

And if you aren't able to see a cow soon, maybe just watching this cow hugging a chicken and getting in a little cuddle will relieve a little angst right now.

Bonus: Check out those eyelashes!