Guy's In Trouble For Trespassing Cinderella Castle Balcony (video)

This Disney fan walked the balcony at Disney World's Cinderella Castle and got in big trouble!

He says he was visiting Magic Kingdom with friends when he noticed an open castle staircase. And he just followed the stairs and decided to climb to the balcony to get some pictures from higher ground.

When he noticed an employee watching him, he thought he would head back down. He told the employee that the door to the staircase had been left open and she let him go about his day.

It was later in the day that security and police found him and asked about the incident and whether he had posted to TIkTok about it. He was given a trespass warning but it sounds like he'll be able to return soon.

It is the happiest place on earth after all, and who wouldn't follow a staircase to a princess balcony?

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