Watch Old Dominion's Matthew Ramsey Reveal A Surprise To A Colorado Crowd

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Old Dominion’s Matthew Ramsey raised his solo cup to make a big reveal on an iconic stage over the weekend. As the band performed at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, Ramsey took a moment to announce that a new collection is set to make its debut next month.

“We just thought this would be a beautiful night to share with you that on June 23rd, we are releasing some new music for you guys,” Ramsey said. “It’s an EP called Memory Lane. We’ve already given you some of it. We got a lot more music coming for you throughout this year, and June 23rd is one of those dates, so thank you for allowing us to continue to put out new music.”

Old Dominion’s Memory Lane EP comes after several recent releases, including the title track, “Easier Said With Rum,” “Ain’t Got A Worry,” “Freedom Like You” and “I Should Have Married You.” The teasers into the award-winning band’s next era of music have dropped as they’ve hit the road on their headlining “No Bad Vibes Tour,” which they announced earlier this month would extend through the fall with an all-star lineup: Tyler HubbardChase RiceKylie MorganKip MoorePriscilla BlockAdam DoleacJameson RodgersNiko Moon and Kassi Ashton.

“At the [‘No Bad Vibes’ Tour], we want y’all to feel happy... like you can forget about whatever is bothering you or whatever’s weighing you down. Just come and hangout with us, and escape for a couple hours,” Old Dominion shared when they announced the tour during a headlining Whiskey Jam set, a free pop-up show in Nashville. “[Whiskey Jam] is a big part of our history as a band and a huge platform for up-and-coming artists in Nashville. That’s why we’re bringing some Whiskey Jam favorites with us on tour. We can’t wait to see you! Hopefully you’ll walk out feeling a little lighter than when you walked in.”

Old Dominion shared a few other highlights from the “truly magical” Red Rocks shows, including a group photo with opening artists Frank Ray, Greylan James and Ashton, and surprise guests Peyton Manning and Edwin McCain, who performed with the “I Was On A Boat That Day” band. See Old Dominion’s posts here:

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