Kelsea Ballerini Shares Relatable Fear Of Spiders In Mother-Daughter Moment

Photo: Getty Images

Kelsea Ballerini shared the hilarious — and relatable — moment she helped her mom, Carla Denham, lower tote boxes full of stored holiday decorations from an elevated storage shelf in he garage.

Ballerini stood on a ladder and passed the boxes one by one to her mom, enduring the spiders and webs she found along the way. Toward the end of the three-minute, 17-second video, Ballerini switches places with Denham “since you’re not scared of spiders.” TikTok and Instagram users wrote in the comments that they share a fear of spiders, drew similarities between themselves and their own mothers, laughed at some of the quotes throughout the video and more. Ballerini ended the video: “Happy holidays! Call your exterminators!”

The mother-daughter duo turned hears earlier this year when Ballerini brought her mom to the 65th Annual Grammy Awards in February. on the red carpet, Ballerini shared that it was Denham who “moved me to Nashville when I was 15,” to support her dreams of becoming an award-winning singer-songwriter.

Denham later appeared as a guest on the podcast Got It From My Momma, exploring stories about fan-favorite entertainers told by their mothers. Among other stories, Ballerini’s mom shared that she knew her daughter’s vulnerable EP, Rolling Up The Welcome Mat, would go on to have a powerful impact on listeners. The EP, sharing Ballerini’s story of her divorce after nearly five years of marriage, was nominated for Best Country Album at the upcoming Grammy Awards in 2024. See the full list of 2024 Grammy Award nominations here.

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